i-Tree Design v6.0*

i-Tree Design allows anyone to make a simple estimation of the benefits provided by individual trees. With inputs of location, species, tree size, and condition, users will receive an understanding of tree benefits related to greenhouse gas mitigation, air quality improvements, and stormwater interception. With the additional step of drawing a building footprint – and virtually "planting" or placing a tree – tree effects on building energy use can be evaluated.

Tree benefits are estimated for (a) the current year, (b) a user-specified forecast year sometime in the future, (c) the projected total benefits across that future timespan, and (d) the total benefits provided to date (based on estimated tree age). Multiple trees and buildings can be added to compare benefits or to provide a full accounting of a property's trees.

This tool is intended as a simple and accessible starting point for understanding the value of individual trees or a small population of trees to a community. For more detailed information on urban and community forest assessments, please explore more of the i-Tree website. To learn more about the i-Tree Design model, click here.

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*The current version of i-Tree Design (v6.0) includes expanded performance and updated benefit estimates. Users wishing to access the previous version (v5) should click here, i-Tree Design v5 will continue to be available through June 2014.